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[ 10 ] January 20, 2010 |

Award-winning pop culture blog with a focus on women’s empowerment, music and lifestyles. Written by zany entertainment journalist Starrene Rhett Rocque.

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Starrene Rhett Rocque is a recovering journalist who often fantasizes about becoming a shotgun-toting B-movie heroine.
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  • zillz


  • Miss Jane

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Misslynshue

    Yaaay so happy for you!!!!

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  • meka

    *twerks into diabetic shock*

  • Stable

    Best of luck sis Im proud of u. Continue to grind.

  • Danny Wong

    first time on the site. curious to see when everything is ready to go and you start blogging! =)
    just stumbled upon the site and noticed the great credentials so I’m expecting big things!
    this def. was a design worth waiting for though


    Hey, every major move has an infant stage. This is much better than the domain message I got yesterday. =)

  • NWSO

    Nice new digs. Can I move in?


    Congrats on the redesign. Can’t wait..