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Thrifty Shops: Stellah’s Vintage Groove in Bed-Stuy

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I first discovered Stellah’s Vintage Groove several years ago at the BAM DanceAfrica Bazaar. A lot of vendors who sell the same things come out to that particular street festival but Stellah’s became one of my favorites because of the prices, and also because the owner was friendly and had a really good eye for finding standout pieces. At the time, Stellah’s only sold online and at street fairs so I looked forward to visiting them in person every year.

Fast forward to February 2014. I went to a friend’s birthday gathering at Bedford Hall where another of my friends got into a conversation with some women. I joined the conversation only to meet a woman in that group who mentioned that she had just opened a store nearby. Turns out, it was Stellah’s Vintage Groove.

I finally got to check out her space last weekend, and it’s small but her collection of pieces is good. She carries bags, accessories and general clothing ranging in price from $10 to more. Some of the products are designer and some aren’t but there’s a nice selection of items all around. I snapped a few flicks but be warned that I have no image retouching skills so they’re not the best quality but I hope you get the idea of what Stellah’s has to offer:

I purchased the following two skirts:



I will definitely be back at some point.





The main thing that you need to know is that the store is cash only. Visit Stellah’s on Etsy for more information.

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