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Kid Sister Debuts Jane Jupiter in “Higher” [Video]

[ 1 ] September 12, 2014 |

Jane Jupiter

Remember Kid Sister? She’s best known for that catchy song she released a few years ago, “Pro Nails.” It was like, she got popular, released her debut album and then disappeared…

Fastforward to today. I made the late discovery that she’s back with an alter ego in tow. Earlier this month, she dropped a mixtape entitled DUSK2DAWN, with 12 new tracks. The first half features Kid Sister but then there’s a skit that functions as the introduction to her R&B/funk self who goes by the name of Jane Jupiter. I’m late finding out the mixtape but I’m not behind on the fact that she just released a new video for “Higher,” a song on the album produced by Chad Hugo of the Neptunes. The song and video are both really funky. See if you don’t get a nice 80s pop vibe!

Kid Sister

If you like what you heard then check out Kid Sister’s soundcloud here.

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  1. I LOOOOVVVVVVVVEEE Kid Sister! I’m so glad that she’s still making music. She’s so underrated!

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