Blaxploitaiton Friday #8 - Bill Cosby x Sidney Poitier - GangStarr Girl : GangStarr Girl

Blaxploitaiton Friday #8 – Bill Cosby x Sidney Poitier

[ 0 ] June 27, 2008 |

It’s a triple feature! Yaaaay! These are some of my favorite movies ever:

Uptown Saturday Night


This flick was unique because it was atypical of the other movies in the genre because whereas the other flicks were pretty much about down with whitey and killing, the man, this one was about two average guys (Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby) who got caught up in drama when their wallets get stolen at a seedy nightclub they were visiting–one problem–one of the wallets contained a winning lottery ticket so they went on a hunt for their rightful property. And that’s what happens when you go uptown Saturday night, lol. It was directed by Sidney Poitier. Uptown got soooo popular that it spawned two spin-offs that did equally as well.

Let’s Do It Again


The lead single, Let’s Do it Again by The Staple Sisters is probably very familiar because it’s been sampled quite a bit in hip-hop and r&b. I’m too sleepy right now to site songs so maybe you can help me with that (*shrugs*). And I know I don’t have to explain the Biggie Smalls connection, lol.

A Piece of the Action


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