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In Today’s Edition of Get Your Aunt: Mariah Carey (‘Up Out My Face’)

[ 4 ] January 28, 2010 |

Mariah Carey’s new video for “Up Out My Face,” featuring Nicki Minaj just dropped. It’s cute but the song is wack. Even worse, I’m tired of Mariah parading around like she’s not 40-years-old (or close to it or whatever). I’m not knocking getting older and can still be fly when you reach a certain age but not like this.

Mariah Carey reminds me of an old embarrassing aunt who still looks young and has a cute shape, subsequently going overboard with trying to act like she’s 21. You know, the type who still tries to go to the club in catsuits to drop it like it’s hot and hit on all the young boys. It needs to stop. It really does.

P.S. Mariah Carey and Vivica Fox go in the same bracket for me. iCant.

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  1. Popephoenix says:

    TOOOTTTALLLY agree with you on Mariah. Somebody… hopefully Nick, will tell her to sit her ass down.

    Not to change the subject but can somebody tell Nicki Minaj to shut the fuck up and speak in a regular voice. I think she has talent (its there slowly dying as she gets bigger checks) but every time she switches voices I just wanna gauge my eyes out. Its so bad she fucking up my sensory recognition.

  2. The very best talented and gorgeous lady ever,Mariah Carey, no one is better than her.

  3. Mariah Carey is an all star season idol. She is very beautiful and attractive woman. I really want to meether in person someday

  4. Tami Divin says:

    Mariah Carey will be a perfect mom when she has a baby. I am not sure if she is already pregnant but I hope she is and that she will have a great family life with Nick Cannon

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