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Maluca’s ‘El Tigeraso’ is My Guilty Pleasure

[ 6 ] January 31, 2010 |

Usually tracks like this annoy me but I can’t front, I’m feeling Maluca. She succeeded at making a contemporary song with a signature Latin sound, with “El Tigeraso” (produced by Diplo). Yo tengo todo papi! Love it lol. Check it out:

That video was soooo Washington Heights, New York. Did you peep Roxy Cottontail’s cameo? And that floral MadeMe jacket Maluca had on in the beginning was really cute. But anyway, check out Maluca’s MySpace.

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  1. ms maluca’s kinda cute

  2. BIG D O says:

    uhh, yeah, lol, this is somethin’…they def. utilized the Latin cha cha groove in a different kinda way…Ms. Maluca has got charisma for days…good find…

  3. DR says:

    Lol. She got a couple of things right- hay muchos tigeres around 182nd and Audubon and a hair salon (a very nice one). But I don’t know who she’s checking for over there ’cause it’s mostly a big old middle school and a halfway house for paroled cons across the street! I hope ladies don’t start thinkin’ it’s okay to go out with their hair half-did now!

  4. @BigDO

    Word, she does have charisma for days.

    LOL it is kinda empty over there on Audobon. It seems like she shoulda been more on 181 and Amsterdam. But leaving the salon with rollers still in, or a pinned up doobie wrap is very NYC hood chick. They think it’s cute. I guess she was trying to capture that essence lol.

  5. MeLoVe says:


  6. KC The Gr8 says:

    Cute vid. Def on some Wash heights type ish. Am not feeling the song at all. felt like a feeble attempt to do something “different”.

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