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Big Ups to Brooklyn! Nelson George Takes ‘A Walk Through Ft. Greene’

[ 1 ] February 9, 2010 |

Nelson George, one of my journalist idols, did a documentary on Fort Greene, Brooklyn. He examines how it went from NYC’s mecca of Black, educated artists to gentrified and hosed down (that’s the story of NYC these days–gentrification is a gift and a curse). Check out the trailer:

That gave me the chills. I understand what they meant when they described the vibrance of Fort Greene (don’t get it twisted, it was still hood lol). Black Brooklyn always fascinated me growing up. I grew up in Harlem but I have relatives in BK. Field trips to my Aunt’s brownstone in Bed-Stuy always excited me. Her house reminded me of The Cosby Show. Sadly, the gentrification is starting in the Stuy too but I digress.

It’s all good though. It’s still Medina! We can keep those memories alive by documenting the culture.  I can’t wait to see George’s film!

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