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If You Are a Producer Then You Should Sample This!

[ 3 ] February 10, 2010 |

I’ve never loved such a visually boring commercial more than I have this one. It’s the music! That drum line is RIDIC!

I did some research and found out that the group responsible for this song is Gotan Project and the name of this song is “Época.” The Gotan Project is a Parisian group of musicians who fuse sounds like electronica and tango. They’ve known and recorded music with each other for over a decade but began releasing music as The Gotan Project since 2000. Electronica and tango is an interesting fusion but if it sounds like this, keep it coming. Here’s the original song (ignore the random images):

Sample this asap!

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  1. Delano says:

    Patrick like Gotan Project. good ear!

  2. ms.m says:

    good ear girlie!

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