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Nicki Minaj Might Cover The Fader But…

[ 14 ] February 23, 2010 |
Nicki Minaj, Fader Magazine Cover

Photo Courtesy Linda Lee, Cornerstone Promotion

Her influence is getting out of control. I want to like her as a rapper but I can’t get past the “Barbie” references and the goofy flow. Actually, I used to like her as a rapper but that was back when she did street DVDs and mixtapes. However, I realize that the Nicki Minaj then wouldn’t be as popular as she is now if she hadn’t switched things up. I interviewed her some time in 2008 and we talked about how she wanted to break away from being seen as the sex pot and planned to do things differently. It’s working for her because now people talk more about her weird faces and voice inflections than whether her butt is fake or not, but I’m not a fan of what it’s doing to impressionable minds who can’t tell the difference between entertainment and reality.

I was on the train a couple of weeks ago and I noticed a group of young women who were probably in their early 20s. They looked like the typical NYC hoodrat glam chicks. They all had long straight weaves topped with Chinese-style bangs– like in the above pic–and since it’s cold, they were covered up so I couldn’t see what they were wearing underneath their Baby Phat bubble coats but the hair was enough. They were being obnoxious and talking extremely loud in high-pitched squeaky voices about one of their boyfriends who was “out of pocket” according to the disgruntled girlfriend and although the Northern hood chick accent is a universal, I noticed that the inflections were a lot more familiar but I couldn’t place them. Then, the girl who was complaining about her boy toy said, “I’m replacing him and hopping on my ninja bike because that’s what Barbie bitches do.” Bingo! Barbie bitch? Ninja bikes? On that note, watch this video that I snagged from the homie Michael Arceneaux:

Houston, we have a problem. Nicki is an image. Gimmicks. But these girls in real life…

This has to stop.

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Starrene Rhett Rocque is a recovering journalist who often fantasizes about becoming a shotgun-toting B-movie heroine.

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  1. Jay Fingers says:

    Ehhh … is it really Nicki’s fault, though?

    Celebrities & personalities have always had their fair share of acolytes. It’s natural, it’s normal. Tupac spawned countless imitators and Jay-Z has had people riding his jock for the longest. And it was just as annoying with them as it may be with Nicki.

    The line between entertainment and reality has always been blurred, it didn’t just begin with hip-hop or this current generation. Not liking it is one thing, but laying blame with the artist, I think that’s a bit unfair.

  2. Clark Kent says:

    This girl is touched… and her fashion faux pas is undeniable. Did she really look at her fingers to make sure she counted to three?

    Black is the new white. Word to Paul Mooney. *shoots laptop*

  3. Nonsense INC. says:

    BWAA HA HAAAA. YEESSS!!! I smell a new reality TV show in the works. VH1 here I come. Cha’ Ching!!

  4. MalanB says:

    Great post! I totally agree. I like Nicki Minja but many are confusing entertainment as life.

  5. @JayFingers I don’t think it’s Nicki’s fault at all. And I agree, if it weren’t Nicki then it would be someone else that impressionable folks are imitating but still. The ish is annoying.

  6. P.SO the Earth Tone King says:

    Great post

  7. Earth says:

    Did you check out the youtube video with her talking about how she and Remy Ma got down. You will see that Nikki is really fake!

  8. NWSO says:

    Wait… What’s with the red tongue… the damn teeth… the misplaces “beauty mark” on her forehead… the…

    never mind

  9. Ms.Abri says:

    This bull’ish must stop, she has got to be high, i hope shes real high.tip number whatever shes on, fly girls dont suck their thumb,jus sayin;i see the rainbow teeth. also more than high, i hope shes just young and in a year or two shell get her mind together and get off that dumb sh*t.whats wrong with your own swagg??really the insceurity must stop.

  10. BIG D O says:

    Hip-Hop just has gotta start getting back to the big three: skills, charisma and work ethic…only way that influences and acts like Nikki continue to survive is because the schticks they perpetrate are just brimming througout the culture as a whole…It’s retarded…*goes and bums some Boog Brown*

  11. BIG D O says:

    Hip-Hop just has gotta start getting back to the big three: skills, charisma and work ethic…only way that influences and acts like Nikki continue to survive is because the schticks they perpetrate are just brimming througout the culture as a whole…It’s retarded…*goes and bumps some Boog Brown*

  12. Kathryn says:

    WTF I couldnt waatch anymore!Natalie Nunn Nicki Minaj I must self destruct now!Does this girl know she is butt ass ugly?

  13. del43 says:

    umm nicki is a talented rapper and can sumwht sing. lest time i checked being a music artist was abiut tha MUSIC now if ur supporting nicki as a person thts different but her skrewed up image isnt all her fault, her ass is not our problem, who cares if its fake or not shes a good rapper ilie? did she not change the face of female rap??

  14. knowledge says:

    I’m not certain at all that she has changed the face of female rap, however she’s establishing some influence. She’s definitely talented, and I say that if she’s writing her own music, from the mix tapes. As far as being a commercial success, it’s a rare happening for a female rapper these days. It’s tougher for her to get respect simply for her talent than for males rappers because we are much more forgiving to male rappers in general. At least Nicki isn’t dogging women in her songs, at least not yet she isn’t. I respect her talent, but I do not like the barbie doll voices and the choppy arse rap lyrics. It’s getting played out and she’s going to play herself right out of the game if she doesn’t show people that she has real talent, and the barbie image does not personify her.

    Good article. Peace.

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