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P-Star Rising: Watch The Young Hip-Hop Phenom’s Journey to Fame

[ 4 ] February 9, 2010 |

P-Star Now

My first introduction to P-Star was when I worked open mic nights at NYC’s Club Speed every Wednesday nearly six years ago. She was nine then and extremely talented as she would command the mic and spit bars for days. The word on the street was that she wrote her own rhymes so imagine how much better she is now! Since the Club Speed days, I’ve since seen her on MTV, on a kiddie reggaeton DVD and she is now a teenager and part of the cast of the recently revived Electric Company.

What I didn’t know then was that she was the subject of a documentary entitled P-Star Rising, which chronicles her rise to stardom carefully guided by her father/manager, Jesse Diaz.

In the early ’80s Diaz was a rising star in the hip-hop world. Now a broke single father in Harlem with two children to support, Jesse finds a shot at redemption in his nine-year-old daughter Priscilla Star, a precocious rapper. Director Gabriel Noble follows four years of father-daughter ups and downs as they navigate the grit and the glamour of the music biz.

P-Star rising airs tonight at 9 on PBS. Check out some clips below:

She’s obviously on her way. I wish her much success.

P-Star’s MySpace.

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  1. Malik-16 says:

    Oh Snap! That’s who that is on Electric Company? I just saw a piece of it last week (with Mario on it of all people) and was like damn, who’s this young chic rappin??
    I remember her having her own get-ups battlin’ cats on 125th.
    She’s gonna be a problem if she keeps up.

  2. kfrazier says:

    that right

  3. kfrazier says:

    ya dig

  4. Krech554 says:

    Very cool, I really liked that. Do you know of somewhere I can read more about it?

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