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Congratulations Mo’Nique!

[ 0 ] March 8, 2010 |

I’m late. But I really like Mo’Nique and I’m glad she won the Oscar. Mo’Nique is one of the realest, most gracious women I’ve ever met. I haven’t gotten to interview her yet but I met her back when I was a Wendy Williams intern (the radio show). Mo’Nique was a guest and brought such radiance to Wendy’s “Pink Room” (office). She was unusually nice to the interns (industry folks with some sort of power tend to treat interns like ish under the guise of hazing) and called us “baby,” “honey” and “beautiful sister” a lot but it was genuine. And her entourage was really cool too, which is rare.

She and Wendy infamously don’t get along and they clashed on air because despite Wendy saying she wanted Mo’Nique on as a guest, (Mo’nique was promoting a book at the time) to be the bigger person, she began antagonizing the comedienne. However, instead of going off, Mo’Nique graciously left the building. I wanted to leave with her. I kicked myself for not trying to finagle a contact. But it’s all good, such is life. Anyway…

I’m happy she won. She deserves it.

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