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Cymarshall Law in ‘Harder Than Thou’ ft. DJ

[ 1 ] March 17, 2010 |

I interviewed Cymarshall Law last year and it was a pleasure talking to him. I ended up not posting the interview because I left the company that it was originally going to be for (long dramatic story that may be a blog on day). However, when I get my ish together, I’ll post the interview. Cymarshall Law is a lyrical beast. He stopped by said company last year and mirked some battle raps. He’s definitely someone who takes his artistry seriously. But in the meantime, check out this video from “Harder Than Thou” ft. DJ JS-1 off of his Creator’s Kid EP (on Kevin Nottingham’s, HiPNOTT Records).

Cymarshall Law Accolades:

-Has toured Europe several times.
-Featured on iTunes’ hip hop page.
– Recently featured in MTVU’s “Hot Seat.”

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