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Stop the Sag (Lookin Like a Fool Wit Yo Pants on the Ground)

[ 7 ] March 30, 2010 |

New York State Senator Eric Adams has spent $2,000 on an ad campaign to try to encourage young men to stop sagging their pants. Some men (and boys) who sag their pants do it to make an asinine fashion statement but it’s a trend that started in prison, where anyone whose pants were sagging were suggesting that they were available for sex.

Why men in society think it’s cute to expose their boxers is beyond me. Yes, hip-hop has to do with it but I don’t understand how in such a homophobic culture, something that clearly has homoerotic roots is glorified. Sadly, a lot of the perpetrators may not know, and that’s why I’m glad that Senator Adams stepped in. He has posted billboards around various ‘hoods in the city that say things like “Stop the sag” and “We’re Better Than This.” He also created a YouTube psa. Check it out:

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  1. Shawamar says:

    SHIIIIIT, Ill chip in a couple of bucks…this is getting ridiculous. I guarantee you if I were younger, I would not partake in this nonsense…My momma would have kicked my ass up and down the block…

  2. @Shawamar

    Right! I’m a girl but even i was raised to know that this is not OK. I was taught that any man who presented himself to me this way did not take himself or me seriously and I plan to pass that lesson down. I have an older brother and male cousins who, if they even thought of stepping outside the house looking like that, would have had hell to pay. It’s just not cool.

  3. TuttiFrutti says:

    Every generation of youth has a way of expressing themselves apart from adults, with the manifestations being either clothing, music, “slanguage,” pop culture icons, etc. However, this form of expression defies any logic! It looks nasty! There is nothing redeeming about this form of expression! Fellas, surely you own a mirror? Nobody wants to see your skid marks!!!

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