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Black Enterprise Magazine Looking For Business Savvy Entrepreneurs

April 7, 2010 |

For so long young entrepreneurs and professionals have made major contributions to the workplace and said ‘to hell with it’ and started a successful company from nothing. The tough part of doing it yourself or being below the age curve is gaining the recognition you rightfully deserve. Given the world altering technology and mind blowing creativity many of us young people have been blessed with, it’s time to let the world know what we’re capable of. BLACK ENTERPRISE is looking for the brightest, current & future corporate professionals, entrepreneurs & leaders between the ages of 21 – 35!

Individuals should work in one of the following areas:

•Technology; Science; Energy; Math

• Corporate America

•Sports & Entertainment (with a business component)


•Academia and/or nonprofit

Individuals should be at the forefront of change and operate in a forward-thinking approach to their work, currently perform within a growth area, exceed the position’s responsibilities and has contributed to significant projects.

Standouts will be considered for coverage within our magazine and our other multimedia platforms throughout 2010 and beyond.

Enter by Friday, April 9, 2010 at

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