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Dear GangStarrGirl: The Ben Rai Films Edition

[ 1 ] April 16, 2010 |

I get a lot of email and Tweets from creatives (and sometimes not so creatives) looking to get feedback on their projects. The ones that pique my interest grab my attention for different reasons. Today’s “Dear GangStarrGirl” feature is from an production company called Ben Rai Films. They have created a web series entitled, Kiki My Everyday Struggle about a young woman with a boyfriend whom her friends and family don’t like, possibly with good reason but we’ll have to see as the series progresses. Her boyfriend eventually gets locked up and Kiki’s every day struggle begins. She is on a mission to raise the bail money to get her boo out of jail. It’s a web series that has a very reality/documentary type feel to it which adds to the grittiness.

“I did the series, because I wanted to do something from the point of Black female perspective about what she goes through, once [her] man goes to Jail,” says Rachel Benjamin, director/writer.  “But each episode is a build upon the next. So audiences can stay tuned in.”

Check out episodes one and two below and as always, give your honest feedback. By the way, we critique intelligently so all that web coward talk like “kill yourself” and “this sucks” doesn’t fly here. We build, not destroy so whether you like it or not, be helpful.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Find out more about Ben Rai Films, Kiki’s every day struggle and the actors involved at

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  1. Miss Jane says:

    I thought this was interesting. I love independent filmmaking. At least she’s trying to do something creative and on her own. I find it odd that the dude next door is from Paris. I thought maybe we were in Africa but then she was speaking in English and the boyfriend was speaking with a Southern accent and it just threw me off.

    I’d like to see the episode where he goes to jail and she tries to get the bail. I’d also like to see her character step up the drama. We need more women in the salon and more drama!

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