[Video] Beyonce in "Why Don't You Love Me" - GangStarr Girl : GangStarr Girl

[Video] Beyonce in “Why Don’t You Love Me”

[ 2 ] May 4, 2010 |

“Why Don’t You Love Me” – Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

Beyonce looked hot, I’ve always been a fan of 40s pin up girl fashion. Did you peep her blue nails? And props to Solange for writing the song.

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  1. BIG D O says:

    meh, she tryin to be a real artist now, but I’m not buying it…no amount of heady sets and makeup inspired by long gone era’s will change that either…

    There’s no depth to her music…every song is the same with the same subject fodder; for someone that’s as limited as she is that’s tuff to take……Do something different B! How bout you stop riding the nuts of all these hip singers tryin to be young again *cough* J.Lo, Kelis, Toni Braxton *cough* and get back to your roots in Hip-Hop….

    Wyclef is on line 1…

  2. TuttiFrutti says:

    Beyonce Knowles is a very talented young lady…that has already been established. Beyonce Knowles has an attractive frame…that too has already been established. Therefore, seeing her in yet another body baring costume has become cliche and redundant. It is not out of envy that I say this; it is out of concern that her young fans continue to get the message that in order to be relevant you have to sell sex, sexuality and physical attributes; as opposed to your God given talent. Just sing the songs girl…you do that so well!

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