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Hip-Hop Divas: Meet Bless Roxwell & Cynical Smith

[ 0 ] June 18, 2010 |

The million dollar question seems to be where are the women in hip-hop, but they’re hiding in plain site. Get to know Bless Roxwell, an MC and entrepreneur, and Cynical Smith a filmmaker, Duck Down affiliate and an entrepreneur. These women created their own lanes when the typical paths wouldn’t open. They talk about why women aren’t getting mainstream love and how we can start getting respect in hip-hop again.

Hip-hop is a culture. There’s so much more out there to see and discover than what people confine themselves to and that’s why I asked them to do this video. I appreciate them for submitting this and simply being dope creative beings.

Women like them inspire me. And I will continue to recognize not just them, but anyone who is passionate about their art. Rock on ladies!

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