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Is Lauryn Hill Toying With Our Emotions Again?

[ 1 ] July 26, 2010 |

By this point everyone has posted this but anyway, I stumbled upon this song by Lauryn Hill called “Repercussions,” on The YBF. The folks over there say they were told that this was a demo and most likely won’t be a real song. It sounded beautiful and if it’s any indication that she’s seriously going to come back with new music, then I can’t wait. Check it out:

However, we’ve been down this road before. People get all hyped about a Fugees reunion or a Lauryn Hill comeback because of a random performance here or there and then it doesn’t happen. I think Lauryn Hill will release a solo album before The Fugees drop a project but either way, I’ll believe either when I see it.

“Repercussions” is a good start though, I liked it. How about you? Do you think Lauryn Hill is seriously going to make a come back?

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Sounds just like her early days.. LOVE IT

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