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Writer Reflections: Trina Really Is The Baddest Bitch

[ 2 ] August 16, 2010 |

Admittedly, I’ve never been a Trina fan. I was always indifferent because I just never clicked with her music enough (with the exception of a song or two). However, she has been the most consistent femcee with a major deal in the last decade as far as putting out consecutive music. I’ve discovered throughout my journey as a writer that people’s personalities help tremendously. I got the chance to interview her for nearly an hour last week because she guest edited VIBE.com on Friday. We talked about her fitness plan, she gave us a girl power playlist, she revealed how she dealt with the embarrassment of her stolen phone pics getting leaked and she also talked about her use of the word “bitch” and broke down her new single, “My Bitches.” If you’ve heard the song (or any of her music) then you know she uses the word as a positive. What stood out to me the most about her was how unapologetic, friendly and confident she was. She has a beautiful aura and I hope to interview her again. I secretly (but not so secretly, anymore) want to write someone’s autobiography (I’m trying to be like Aliya S. King). Maybe she’ll be the one, but I digress. In the meantime, I’ll dig up some of her old music and give her the chance I never did.

But as far as the topics we covered…

I’m proud of the content I came up with for her and her delivery was also on point. Here’s a run down of Trina’s stint as a VIBE.com guest editor:

I’ll hit you back later with my thoughts on the word ‘bitch.’

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  1. I’ve been a Trina fan since day 1

    a biography of her life would be very interesting

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