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Commercial Douchery: Creepy Doll Possessed By Spirits?

[ 9 ] September 14, 2010 |

This is the creepiest doll commercial ever (it’s from the 60s). Basically, it’s a doll that has human characteristics, like hair that actually “grows.” According to the commercial voice over guy, these homosapien-like qualities were made possible by a voodoo witch doctor named Captain Oogie who can transfer human souls into dolls. Lastly, the dolls are technically human children and should not be subjected to normal doll treatment for ethical reasons. It gets worse, just watch until the end (and promptly get the chills).

I have a confession. [Insert Stewie Griffin voice here] God help me if you tell anybody, I shall rip off your eye lids off and sprinkle lemon juice on your retinas! But yeah, the secret is…

When I was a kid, I thought dolls were alive. I actually used to turn their faces around at night so they couldn’t “stare” at me. Weird, yes. But I was definitely under 10 and had seen the movie Child’s Play. Can you blame me?

Even weirder than that is, despite being mildly creeped out by dolls I still enjoyed them and anything with a horror theme. Therefore, I continued watching things like Child’s Play, Trilogy Of Terror (note creepy doll scene at the end) and “Talking Tina,” one of my favorite  Twilight Zone episodes. But anyway, with the exception of myself I wonder what kid in their right mind saw that commercial and actually wanted a Beautiful Crissy or Velvet doll. Seriously? No wonder that company is out of business smh. And speaking of Talking Tina (the good stuff kicks in at about 7:20)…

Lastly, who greenlighted the commercial? Picture the meeting full of suits who thought that was a good idea smh. WTF!

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  1. hiphopmuse says:

    Hell naw! That doll commercial is mad creepy! When I was a kid I used to be scared of the Kid Sister doll, she used to stare at me in the dark.

  2. Justine says:

    Omg I myself also had a fear of dolls due to the Chucky enterprise and Puppet Master. I too was only in elementary school when I watched this stuff, so naturally I obtained a fear of dolls too.

    The commercial from the 60s is pure evil, and I honestly couldn’t even bring my self to watch the last few seconds because I became terrified. I literally felt chills! What were these people thinking, and I wonder how many fools actually purchased those things??

  3. tuttufrutti says:

    My dear “Gen-Xers”…you’ve been punked! That was a voice over; not the actual commercial! Check the archives and view the actual commercial. I should know; I saw the original commercials back in the day!

  4. Dear “TuttuFrutti,”

    This blog is not for baby boomers!

  5. Danielle says:

    Yea, thanks to Chuckie I think all of us 80’s kids had (and might still have) some issues with dolls. When I was younger I thought my Cabbage Patch Doll was possessed :-\

    • paranormalbarbie says:

      why? why? of all things they could have done they chose to trap human souls into toys why?i watched chucky too and if i got this freakin thing i would of fled moved to mexico and change my name because that thing is scary!

    • Brianna Blank says:

      i was once looking through the thriftstore, I saw a cabbage patch doll and said it was adorable, my mom said no because her grandmother collected them and they would move overnight, they do have something evil in them and you are Right. that wasnt a thought.

  6. cool queen says:

    wow it was sorda weird that the doll was crying at the end

    why on earth would they make this! if i got that doll after watching chucky i would be scared to heck!

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