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GangStarr Girl x TGI Friday’s = Game Night Extravaganza!

[ 2 ] September 21, 2010 |

I hope your weekend was as fun as mine!

TGI Friday’s reached out to me about a partnership where they provide the food and drinks (via a Visa gift card) and I provide my friends and associates with a good time. I teamed up with my girls, Tiffany, Indigo and Daryl to have a game night where our friends came and enjoyed bbq chicken wings, veggie lasagna, salad, chips and best of all, TGI Friday’s ready to serve cocktails.

I was surprised about TGI Friday’s ready to serve cocktails because one I’ve only seen the brand’s popular mixers without alcohol so admittedly, I was a bit skeptical about what their all in one cocktails might taste like (Read: Kool-aid)…

Me, Holding A Bottle of Mudslide

The grocery and liquor stores in my neighborhood didn’t have much variety (there’s over 16 flavors) so I ended up with Strawberry Daquiri, Pina Colada and Mudslide. If I could have chosen what I wanted, I would have gone for Long Island Ice Tea and Margarita, however, I was not disappointed with what I got, neither were game night participants.

Tiffany About To Enjoy Strawberry Daquiri

The Beginning of a Raucous Game of Taboo

Strawberry Daquiri In My Cup

Out of the three flavors that I got my favorite was Strawberry Daquiri. It was blended with rum and what I liked about it was that it was sweet but it still tasted like an alcoholic beverage without being too overpowering. Mudslide and Pina Colada were also very good for that reason. I am pleased to say that I have no complaints about either flavor I tried and the next time I throw a house party or attend one, I will make sure the guests get treated to cocktails of the TGI Friday’s ready to serve variety.

The drinks make perfect sense. Not everyone want’s to drink vodka straight and let’s face it, not everyone’s drink mixing skills are on point so save the headache and purchase one of TGI Friday’s blends. It would technically come out cheaper. Think about it, a bottle of whatever liquor is probably going to cost about $20, plus you have to buy mixers. With TGI Friday’s pre-made goodness, one bottle of everything you need ranges from $10-$20.

Overall, game night was a success. We played Wii, Spades, Scene It, Taboo, Twister and more but nothing shocked people more than the stars of the night, Mudslide, Pina Colada and Strawberry Daquiri. Most people kept asking me if they had to put the drinks in the blender with something else and were all pleasantly shocked to find out that you just pour it over the rocks and go…

TGI Friday’s slogan for these beverages is “We Mix It. You Kick It.” We kicked it, alright!

The Chicken Went FAST!! lol

Thanks, TGI Friday’s for helping me end the real last weekend of summer with a bang!

Special thanks to Diageo/T.G.I. Friday’s for providing the means that allowed me to host this party. And thanks to everyone who came out to game night.

*All opinions shared in this blog are my own. I was provided with a gift card to purchase food and the drinks as agreed upon via contract. I was not paid for a favorable review. None of the other brands mentioned in this blog had anything to do with game night.

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  1. Sheena says:

    Looks like fun!

  2. DB says:

    Maaaaan! Don’t get me started. I heard about how crazy Taboo got lol. I’m so tight that I missed it. Are you going to have another one?

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