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This Woman is My Shero: Standing Up To Sexual Harassment

[ 2 ] November 24, 2010 |

I discovered this video of a woman who took a stand against some random douche bag who thought it was a good idea to molest her, on Jezebel.

She. Is. Amazing.

“Oh yes! Oh fucking yes!” Quote of the century.

Every woman has a story about being disrespected by some psycho who has issues with women but a lot of us don’t fight back out of fear for our lives or shame. In my case, sometimes I fought back sometimes I didn’t but the bottom line is it’s not cool no matter how you react and it surely isn’t a woman’s fault so watching this lady take control and rebuke this man was amazing. It also seemed like she had a little support, which is rare. Usually in situations like this, most people, men in particular, just stare but never get involved (some even find it funny).

I hope that really did go to jail and I hope he gets help. Ironically, this woman should have been granted interviews on some of the top morning shows in the country and plastered all over newspapers and more websites but instead our society focuses on viral video stars who promote fluff and inanity, smh.

This video was brought to Jezebel’s attention by a wonderful site called HollaBackNYC. It’s a space where women can share their stories about street harassment. Hopefully men can find their way to that site and check out some of the stories as well because there’s a disconnect between men in women when it comes to rape and sexual harassment. Some men don’t seem to realize that one day the victim could be their mother, sister, daughter or friend and that it’s not what a woman is wearing that determines whether she deserved certain treatment or not, it’s patriarchy and psychology. The hatred of women runs deep but we don’t talk about it enough.

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  1. Tip says:

    Oh yes, Oh fucking yes!..Love it!

  2. LoudPen says:

    Yes, the oh yes, oh fucking yes was hilarious! I also enjoyed the “this shit is going on YouTube man”. But yea, sexual harassment is a thing that all women deal with. It’s some straight up BS and we as women should start fighting against it more. Like Ye said, “I’m so appalled. This shit is fucking ridiculous”.

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