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Women In Hip-Hop Panels, Same Talk No Action

[ 3 ] January 6, 2011 |

The homie Dee Vazquez did an interview round table with Karen Civil, Nina B, Lady Luck, B Dot of Rap Radar about the state of women and hip-hop. I have some sort of relationship with each person here and respect each of their opinions because they are dope, intelligent people who have well informed insight. However, I feel like this is just running in circles…again. Watch:

Dee Vasquez Sits Down With Karen Civil, B.Dot, Lady Luck, Nina B and Rah Digga (Part 1) from itsthebino on Vimeo.

One, I should have been involved but I digress. Two, dialogue is great because it’s the first step in shedding light on the fact that something is wrong. However, we’re beyond that point of recognizing the problem. We know women in hip-hop have disappeared from the mainstream. People have a plethora of theories on why. But why keep tossing theories around like there aren’t any dope lady lyricists anywhere on Earth? They’re hiding in plain site. They’re all over this blog. They’re all over TheFembassy.com, they’re on The Hip-Hop Diva, the whole community can pretty much be found at MC Lyte’s site, Hip Hop Sisters, and they’re even on Malik 16’s blog (and more that I just haven’t discovered yet). We can either talk about it until our faces explode or we can start posting more videos by talented women and playing their singles regardless of whether they’re signed or not or who cosigns them or not. The people have the power. The tastemakers (the genuine few who are left, some of which participated in the discussion above) can flex some real authority and show talented artists love (and stop worrying about ruining relationships).

There’s a lot that can be done that just isn’t getting done. It’s simple. Just do it–not to sound like the Nike ad but it’s true.

P.S. Still working on how to verbalize my love hate relationship with the word femcee.

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  1. Word. I feel the exact same way. The discussion is beyond tired.

  2. LoudPen says:

    Yea the discussion needs to be laid to rest. I think ppl simply love to talk but no one takes action. As long as you keep posting about female rappers & other sites do the same, they stand a chance. We can support them and make the industry listen but we have to do something not just sit around and talk about it.

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