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NY Lean 25 Creator Gives Fitness Tips Via Twitter

[ 2 ] April 25, 2011 |

Since no one answered the trivia question about the fitness program I’m involved in (despite the fact that I’ve been tweeting about it and previously blogged about it), I’m going to randomly select someone to get them.

Speaking of, this is actually week 4 of NY Lean 25’s “Blogger Madness.” So far I’ve only lost 4 lbs. The whole program takes about 6 weeks. When I started NY Lean at the beginning of the month I was at a plateau because I had been trying to lose weight since January.  It helped get me to break that plateau and lost more weight but my body adapts really quickly so I think I’m at another plateau. I’ll have to get back to you on that when I finish the program (fingers crossed for more weight loss).

Some time during week one, I caught up with celebrity trainer and NY Lean creator Robert Brace after class to get him to answer some questions that I got from Twitter. He covered everything from how to blast belly fat, to why there’s no such thing as spot reduction, how to tone your upper back without a machine and much more. Check it out:

So far, I’m satisfied with the program. I’m not losing as much weight as I would like (yet) but I am stronger, more toned, lost inches around my waist have a lot more core strength, which is helping tremendously with pole dancing (but that’s another blog) and my clothes are fitting a lot better (my jeans are starting to fit again). I have the Insanity dvds at home, which are cool but NY Lean is better because you get the same intense work out (and also a meal plan) in person, for way less time and with the same results and it’s inexpensive. Plus, if you’re anything like me, with home dvds you’ll press stop before it’s over, because you’re tired, and be back lounging on the couch in no time. But in class, you have the instructor and everyone else around you to motivate you to keep pushing.

It’s not too late to come try a class with me. Contact me via @GangStarrGirl and I’ll explain how.

You can also follow Robert Brace @NYLean25 and check out his website NYLean25.com for the schedule and more details.

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  1. Keisha says:

    Ahhhhhhh!! Thank you so much! This was awesome! I didn’t know if you had seen my questions, so this was a wonderful surprise to pop up in my google reader! Good luck on busting through your plateau!

  2. Girl, you had some good questions! And thanks for the well wishes. I hope so too because I’ve been obsessing lately smh.

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