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G-Nails: Rapido Fast Dry Lacquer (Review)

[ 2 ] May 31, 2011 |

I got a hold of some new nail polish by Italian brand, Borghese. They’re called “Rapido Fast Drying Lacquer” and I am impressed. The press release reads as follows:

These long-wearing, nail-strengthening lacquers contain Borghese’s exclusive Aqua di Vita complec to help restore moisture and balance, while Micronized Gemstones add strength and brilliance. Each shade comes with a special Duale Curve Tip Brush custom designed to hug the shape of your nail for smooth, flawless application that lasts up to seven days. The rich, saturated hues are free of DBP’s, Toulene and added Formaldehyde.

Here’s how I translate it: It works well.

The lacquer was completely dry after about a minute of application with no bubbling or streaking, which sometimes happens if you do a rush job like me (because I often find myself polishing my nails quickly before heading out so I don’t have time to buff and prep and blah, blah, blah). The brush is the most convenient nail polish brush I’ve used. I can’t explain it (and didn’t take a pic) but it’s shorter than most brushes which actually yields great results based on how you’re forced to hold it and angle it. The color used in the pic above was “Limoncello,” and I used two coats but one would have been effective too. My nails lasted three days without chipping until I finally removed the polish on my own (I get bored with polish easily so even three days was a stretch).

In short, if you see these in the street pick them up! They’re worth every penny. They retail for about $8 and you can find them at Walgreen’s, Ulta.com, Beauty.com and Amazon.com (and probably more places, but those are the places I know of for sure).

I got several bottles for consideration so I will swatch them as I go along. But in the meantime…

P.S. I’ve been reading reviews where some people didn’t like the brush but I thought its design was genius. Then again, people’s nail beds are different. Mine are wide and round, like seashells. I find that the Rapido brush design works well for me.

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  1. Dee says:

    I love that they’re quick drying. And that color that you have on your nails is beautiful! *Logs out and heads to Walgreen’s*

  2. Mina says:

    I cosign Dee. I’m definitely going to be on the look out for this brand.

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