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Adventures in Pole Dancing 4: Chopper City

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Hello chopper. I can do it now⎯the basic version. The chopper is when you kick your legs up over your head into an upside down v. It’s an easy pole dance move for those who are advanced but for pole babies like me, tackling even the basic version is a huge victory. Now that I have it, I’m one step closer to doing more complicated inverts and holds. However, I have to perfect the basic first.

When I first saw it done, I was like, “Wtf!” Then I learned a few good ways to practice, like doing crunches on the pole (something all pole dancers need to do anyway) and doing a basic invert where I first hook my legs onto the pole so that I can secure my hands in the right spot in order to allow my legs to blossom. One day I was feeling good after all the weeks of pole crunches and core work and voila, I did a chopper. And then I did another one and another one, and it got easier for me to control and lift into it by using my core. A lot of people tend to jump or kick into it but that’s bad form. The ground is a nice and easy push off but you have to make sure that your center strength is conditioned because then it will be easier for you to do more advanced versions, where you climb up the pole and do it without the push from the ground or your tippy toes. And this is where I’m stuck.

My muscles still aren’t strong enough to help me push back far enough while I’m suspended in the air. I can kindasorta do it but not really, so that’s the next hood I have to conquer in the diverse city of chopperville.

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