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G-Nails: Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Are Pretty Cool

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I had seen Sally Hansn’s Salon Effects in local drug stores and wrote them off because I previously tried similar products but didn’t have  much success. I used the Sephora brand Minx but they only lasted a day so I was discouraged. However, I serendipitously happened upon a huge shipment of Salon Effects (thanks Tractenberg) and I was in heaven. The prints were absolutely stunning but did they live up to the brand’s promise that they would last  for up to 10 days?

I’ve been experimenting when them all summer and I’m pleased with the results.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips  Butterflies

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips Bootycamp

My nails are very oily, which has a tremendous impact on anything I use to decorate them whether it’s nailpolish or decals. In testing various Sally Hansen strips, I noticed that the longest I was able to keep the strips on without severe damage was about 4 days, which suits me fine because I get bored with my nails fast. Even when the peeling started more frequently, it wasn’t that bad. I probably could have worn them longer–not for the full 10 days–but close.

They’re easy to adhere and remove. It literally takes about 10 minutes to fit them to your nail size, stick them on, smooth them out and then file off the excess that you don’t need. You take them off with nailpolish remover.

I like them because I don’t have to wait for them to dry, which is my biggest pet peeve about nail polish, and I get tons of compliments. They look amazing on and very professional so I saved money on salon manicures.

They’re perfect for events or if you just want your nails to look fresh and clean. You can find them at the typical drug stores and they retail for about $10.

My overall grade for Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects is a B. I’d definitely use them again.

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  1. Justine H. says:

    Thanks!  I’m definitely going to try these, though I wonder how long they’ll hold up with daily dishwashing. 

    • GangStarrGirl says:

      Hey Justine. I’m pretty rough with my hands and they worked fine. Dishwashing isn’t the worst thing you can do while wearing these. I was actually surprised at how unaffected they seemed by that particular chore.

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