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G Flicks – ‘Behold The Yoga Woman’

[ 2 ] October 18, 2011 |

I’m super late posting this but this is an interesting movie about how women in the West have taken over Yoga. I never knew this but it used to be a predominately male activity. Watch:

Check out the Yoga Woman site here.

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  1. Annina says:

    I saw this film at its Berlin premiere the a couple of weeks ago and I can really recommend it to anyone who has ever done or thought of taking up Yoga. As yet, i’s quite expensive to buy on DVD at $25, so I will probably wait with that for another while, but if you can watch it somewhere for cheaper, do, do! 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree that $25 is a bit much for a dvd. Hopefully this will be on Netflix or some similar type of service soon.

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