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G Travel – Playing In Las Vegas

[ 0 ] October 20, 2011 |
Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas

I went to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago courtesy the Sin City public relations board, so that they could show us a good time. In exchange we’d write about the experience. This was my second visit to Vegas but it was absolutely nothing like my first. The first time I went was in 2007 and it was for work. I was fashion editor at a website that won’t be named here (bad blood) so I went to MAGIC. That was a cool experience but I didn’t stay at a Vegas hotel or get to see the strip. That trip was a whirlwind of parties and checking out the next season’s clothes.

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This time around, I got to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel, which I enjoyed way too much. What I liked most about my stay their was their beds. I can’t even describe the level of heaven that their beds take you to once you lay down. I’ve been to a lot of hotels, really nice hotels–like Four Seasons nice but the Hard Rock wins in the comfort contest. I over indulged in the food–Vegas has really good food, and I partied like a VIP. I’d definitely go back and recreate the experience that I had, even if I had to pay for it myself.

What I’m most proud of about that trip is the fact that I got my first travel piece under my belt. Check out what I wrote about my trip over at VIBE Vixen.

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