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Negro a Docu-Series About Latino Identity Pt. 1

[ 0 ] December 5, 2011 |

Dashira Harris, my friend and fellow journalist, is producing an informative documentary entitled Negro, which is about Latino identity. So far she has traveled to Colombia, Brazil and the Dominican Republic but she has a long road ahead of her in order to complete her journey exploring this complex subject matter. However, in the meantime check out part one where she interviews various people (shouts to Dee Vazquez at 12:11) about racism, colorism and the social consequences of colonialism on the Latino community. Dash drops some serious historical facts about the connection between the African slave trade and the development of Latin America.

I love her for this! I got chills because I had no idea about that African community in Colombia. I’ve blogged a couple of times about my own experiences with Latinos who have called me ugly or “mona” (monkey) based on their own ignorant self-hate and denial but I digress. If you like what you saw then help Dash keep this going. Support her at Go Fund Me and “Like” them on Facebook.

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