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Malik 16 x Kompel Present ‘Sh*t Rappers Don’t Say’

[ 1 ] February 5, 2012 |

I’m tired of this trend and I know many of you are too but I enjoyed Malik 16 and Kompel’s satirical spin on the viral craze. As a journalist, I hear a lot of delusional artists use cliche after cliche when it comes to how “hot” their music is and how they’re about to blow and how they got a “cosign” from [insert big name rapper here] but this was a unique twist to the matter because it added some reality to the situation.

Here’s Malik’s disclaimer about the sketch: Sorry this vid is long, but this concept is really played out now and I made it with no intentions of making a part 2. This was all shot and edited with my iPhone by the way (and it shows).

Anyway, watch and enjoy!

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  1. Justine H. says:

    This was hilarious!  Definitely worth watching the whole 10 minutes.

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