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Get a Blade Buddy For Razor Longevity, Enviornmental Sustainability

[ 4 ] May 8, 2012 |
Blade Buddy Kit

Blade Buddy Razor Kit

Buying disposable razors is a simple process has more of an impact than we realize. Once we get rid of those razors, we toss them out and don’t give them a second thought, but the more we buy and dispose of, the more they fill up landfills, which is not good for the environment. This is something that I never thought about until I got a hold of a new product called “Blade Buddy.”

Blade Buddy is described as a cost-saving, environmentally friendly product whose uniquely designed silicone pad maintains the sharpness of disposable razor blades, so that one blade gives you a close, comfortable shave for months, instead of days. Hit the jump for the commercial that explains how it works and then I’ll tell you how I feel about it.

I’ve had my Blade Buddy since about February and I purposely bought a new pack of disposable razors just so that I could test it out. It’s May, and I’m still on razor number one from that pack and getting a decent shave with the use of Blade Buddy. I can’t substantiate the claim that your shave will last for months, because that hasn’t been the case with me, but everyone is different. For me, Blade Buddy buys me an extra week or two before I have to shave again but like I said, everyone is different.

However, what I noticed about using Blade Buddy that I love is that I get less ingrown hairs, which is a major problem for Black skin. And because of that, I cosign this product. Plus, like I said, it does preserve the sharpness of the razor and it’s good for the environment in a subtle way. Blade Buddy retails for about $19.99.

Overall, I rate this product a B+ (because of the price and because I didn’t get a close shave that lasted for months). It’s worth trying out.

Visit for more information about how you can get one.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review but I did receive a Blade Buddy for trial purposes.

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  1. Mindy says:

    Funny, I recently received one of these in a goody bag at a convention…its not bad; however I feel its no different than some of the leading brands though.

    • Gilltte500 says:

      Or you didn’t use the product properly or you are not being sincere because some particular interest. The Blade Buddy is the greatest product ever, to maintain the sharp edges of razor blades, for moths of dily use. Thousands of happy users can’t be wrong.

    • Angasmark says:

      We don’t really know, what brands are you talking about? The Blade Buddy is the only product in the world, that really works, for keeping the sharp edges of razor blades for months with an amazing performance. 

  2. 18 says:

    Isn’t the “shave for months” thing supposed to mean that you can keep using the same blade for months, not that you won’t have to shave for months?

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