The Internet x Dregs of Society, Sexist Someecards Meme Goes Viral : GangStarr Girl

The Internet x Dregs of Society, Sexist Someecards Meme Goes Viral

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I used to like Someecards until the unfunny, screwed up jack asses of the world got a hold of it. Isn’t that always what happens with the internet? It’s a cool place but also an awful place where you get to see what cowardice people–and there are so many of them–really think of you. The above meme obviously makes from of the Chris Brown/Rihanna gate, that uppercut on the bus incident and violence against women. At this point, I don’t even have the energy to address why this is terribly on so many levels, but I know that my readers get it. At least, I hope they do. Of course, there are too many who as is the case here but violence against women isn’t funny.

I’m waiting for the loser whose too blinded by his patriarchal privilege to come and challenge me on this one. Usually to the tune of, “How come women can hit men but when it’s the the other way around it’s a problem.” And five, four, three…

But I digress. Anyway, like I said, Someecards was cool when it was funny now the degenerates of the world have ruined it. *Pours one out for another site.*

There’s a better rant over at Parlour Magazine.

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