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Lisi Cosmetics Gets Product Love (Mini Makeup Haul)

[ 0 ] February 19, 2013 |
Lisi Cosmetics Nails, Eyes, Tools Makeup Haul

Lisi Cosmetics Makeup Haul

Lisi Cosmetics has stolen my heart. I’m a product junky, especially when it comes to makeup, so when my girl Christina Brown of  Love Brown Sugar introduced me to Lisi Cosmetics, I was all over it. Lisi Cosmetics is a new makeup brand that produces high-end quality goods at damn near drug store prices. Their physical store is based in New York City but you can also shop online.

I visited the store when I was back in New York over the 2012 Christmas holiday and it looks and feels very high-end but without the pretentious attitudes. From my experience, a lot of counter makeup artists can be very snotty but the guy who was running  Lisi during my visit was warm, welcoming and very helpful. As a result, I ended up racking up on product even though I had only gone in there for two bottles of nail polish. It helped that they were having a sale, so I  didn’t spend a dime over $50. They’re actually having a really good sale on the website, right now. It’s %50 off.

So far, I got nail polish, brushes (an eyebrow brush and a double-ended blush brush), makeup brush cleaner, an eyeliner crayon and eyeliner (sorry for the grainy images). I’m more than happy with my brushes and my eyeliner. The brushes are soft and don’t shed, and this is with almost every day use, and the liners are long lasting and highly pigmented. I’m able to wear it for at least 6 hours before needing a touch up.

I haven’t tried the nail polish yet but I’ll get back to you on that.


And about Cece from Love Brown Sugar, check her out with her eponymous nail polish…created with love by the folks at Lisi, of course.

Lisi Cosmetics x Love Brown Sugar Nail Polish

Lisi Cosmetics x Love Brown Sugar

That is a product junky/nailophile’s dream. Fingers crossed.

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