London Calling: GangStarr Girl is Coming to Visit : GangStarr Girl

London Calling: GangStarr Girl is Coming to Visit

[ 2 ] April 25, 2013 |
London Town

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I’m big on crossing things off my bucket list and I’ve done a good job of that thus far. Today, I celebrate another item almost completely crossed off. That would be my impending visit to London Town! I love British accents, I love all the British people I know, I love ASOS, I love Models Own nail polish, I love Nails Inc., I love fish and chips, I love Harry Potter, I love Omar, I love V.V. Brown, I love Laura Mvula…ok, this is overkill but I am excited, obviously.

I had been speaking a trip to London in 2013 into existence since the end of last year. I don’t know why, but the wanderlust spirit in me was determined to make it happen this year despite running on a freelance budget and despite the fact that I have other financial obligations. The hubby probably thinks I’m insane but he understands that I’m a free spirit. So, I buckled down and reduced frivolous shopping so that I could have a decent travel nest egg. Yesterday, I got an email from American Airlines that they were doing a flight sale to Europe and I pulled the trigger.

I’ll be visiting London in September. This will be my first international solo trip and my first time in London but my second time visiting Europe. The hubby has been to London in the past and although he enjoyed his time there, he’s not too keen on returning. He also has a tight work schedule. That makes me sad but I appreciate him for being understanding and supportive enough to let me be free. Sometimes you just have to do it!

I haven’t chosen lodging just yet but I’m doing some research (suggestions welcome). Speaking of research, Parlour Magazine posted a nice travel guide that details what to do and where to say there for a weekend getaway. So, I’ll start there for now. And in the meantime, I’ll try not to be too hurt by the dollar to pound conversion. Sheesh!

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  1. That’s so exciting! I’d like to visit London in the future, and definitely want to have some REAL fish and chips. I also love Brit accents. : )

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