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Travel Intel: Ziggy Marley’s Ethiopia

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Ziggy Marley

I always have some extras left over when I interview people but I never usually do anything with them. Lately, because I have been bitten by the travel bug, I’ve decided to ask certain people that I talk to for insight on places they’ve been. The following snippet is from the archives of an interview I did a few months ago, with Ziggy Marley for I asked him what some of his favorite places in the world are and this is the response I got:

“I like Ethiopia. It’s a very spiritual place. Even the poorest people are the most spiritual people. There’s an amazing vibe there. I like Iseael I like the vibe there. I have a strong spiritual connection to the history of that place as Rastafari. We have a deep connection to Ethiopia and Israel. And I like Hawaii, Big Island, you can relax and have a good time.”

I then replied, “So you like to chill out and be zen?”

He said,  “Yeah mon,” and ended that note with a laugh.

I didn’t expect him to say Ethiopia but I like his logic behind that choice. Ethiopia isn’t on my list of places to visit but it’s not the first time I heard someone singing its praises, not for resources or luxury but because of the energy there. I know a woman who visited Ethiopia a few times and she raves about it. She started going because her dad introduced her to the place based on his own travels and they’re both in love. They said pretty much what Ziggy Marley said about the spirituality there. They also added that the people were gracious and thankful despite not having much.  I can dig it.

It was nice talking to Ziggy because he had a calming energy and seemed rather wise, but perhaps that’s a given considering who his father was.

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