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Bridget Bardot on How Pole Dancing Changed Her Life

[ 0 ] August 8, 2013 |
Bridget Bardot, pole dancer.

Bridget Bardot, Early Pole Dancing Days

I know that yesterday’s post was a bit much. Sometimes I get emo and decide not to keep it to myself, especially since I’ve done nothing but the right thing yet my career as a writer is stagnant no matter what I do. I digress. Today, I present a positive offering that I discovered yesterday on YouTube. An Australian (I think she’s Aussie) who calls herself Bridget Bardot participated in an Australian pole dancing competition called Encore and released a video where she talked about her journey in pole dancing. She started out unhealthy (mentally and physically), unhappy and overweight but as she got more into the art she lost weight, mustered the courage to perform publicly and generally became a happier person.

I’m still struggling with finding my happy but I like seeing stuff like this.

It’s day 8 of the #31WriteNow challenge.

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