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Travel Intel: Omar Lye-Fook’s Recommendations For London

[ 2 ] August 26, 2013 |
Omar The Man Shanachie

Omar Lye-Fook

I had the pleasure of interviewing Omar a few months ago and we talked about his latest album, The Man. We also talked about some of his favorite places to visit which include Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Bali and some cities in Japan. Since I had him on the phone, I had to pick his brain about places I could visit during my upcoming trip to London. After all, he is a local! A lot of times when I put people on the spot like this their brain goes blank but he was quick and gave me three places that would be worth my time. Check it out:

 Scandal – West Indian Food 

Scandal West Indian Food London

“For food, you have to go to a place called Scandal. That’s in a pace called Harlesden, which is West London. I take pretty much everybody there. I took Leon Ware there; he loves his West Indian food so if you love your West Indian food, that is the place to go, it can’t be beat. It’s not a sit down restaurant you just go there get your food and eat out wherever you want to eat but they do quality food there.”

The Jazz Cafe


“”In terms of music, Jazz Café seems to be the place people gravitate toward. That’s where I do my shows when I’m there, also the Hideaway is another place in south London where there’s good music. You can get good music and food at the same time.”



“And if you want to get out of London check out Brighton, which is where I live with my family. It’s on the coast. It’s a beautiful place and it’s great for the kids.”

#31WriteNow day 26.

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  1. bessie akuba says:

    Dope! *I love Omar* Were you able to check any of these places out while you were there?

    • GangStarrGirl says:

      Unfortunately no! I wish. It was such a short trip and hard to do everything so I really hope I can return.

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