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Epic Telekinesis Prank Win Via ‘Carrie’

[ 3 ] October 8, 2013 |

Carrie Telekenesis Prank

When it comes to horror flicks, Carrie is one of my favorites so I was excited to learn about the more millennial remake, which hits theaters on October 18. In the spirit of that remake, the actual filmmakers tapped into their funny bones to create a Carrie-inspired prank at a coffee shop. The prank features a young woman with “telekinetic” powers that go awry when she gets angry.

A hidden camera is set up to catch the customers’ reactions as the woman seemingly causes a a man and furniture to go flying at her command,  she then starts screaming like a banshee.

Now that is my kind of prank. Normally, I’m a brave person but within reason!  I would have been out of there lol. How about you?

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Starrene Rhett Rocque is a recovering journalist who often fantasizes about becoming a shotgun-toting B-movie heroine.

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  1. AfroBanger says:

    Carrie is one of my favorite movies too, and I’m REALLY hoping the remake does the original justice. I usually avoid watching remakes, because they’re no where near as good as the originals. That prank is epic though! I would’ve been out of that coffee shop after the guy was lifted off the floor!

  2. Just Kia says:

    I would have ran out so fast!

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