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Throwback Thursday: Joey Bada$$ in St. Lucia

[ 0 ] November 14, 2013 |

Joey Bada$$ "My Yout"

I made this a “Throwback Thursday” post because I’m late but so what. I stumbled upon this Joey Bada$$ video for “My Yout” and was instantly smitten because he filmed in St. Lucia, one of my favorite Caribbean islands (the song is good too). Part of my husband’s family is from St. Lucia and it’s also where we got engaged. In addition to the personal connection, St. Lucia is generally a beautiful, magical place. St. Lucia’s lush rainforests, sulfur springs and expansive mountains, especially the Pitons, have a beauty that is unmatched by many other islands. The island’s energy is also authentically African, French and British due to it’s rich history and non-commercialization. A lot of places in the Caribbean have lost uniqueness because they cater too much to tourists but I find that St. Lucia has found a nice balance of both worlds.

But back to Joey Bada$$. He’s actually the first generation in his Jamaican family to be born in the United States but took to St. Lucia’s capitol city of Castries (my mother-in-law’s home city) for his video shoot. Check it out:

Nice! I like that vibe.

I haven’t been much of a new school hip-hop fan lately but Joey Bada$$ is definitely one of  my favorites on a very short list of Millennial rappers that actually has the talent to match the buzz.

Joey has been in the studio working with DJ Premier and Q-Tip on his debut album, B4.DA.$$.

Also, if that video wasn’t an ad for why you should visit St. Lucia then I can’t help you but I’ll show you a few flicks from my trip there anyway!

 photo Lucia_zps11f62cd9.jpg

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