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Body of Royalty Serves up Beauty For Business

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Body of Royalty Makeup
I can’t explore enough, when it comes to makeup. That’s probably why the universe connected me with the owners of Body of Royalty. The Houston-based company is owned by Jermelle F. Pitts and Joseph Chargois, and they are the youngest minority men heading up a luxury cosmetics brand.

Body of Royalty is described as a luxury cosmetic brand created for the young, elegant and sophisticated woman. They say the Body of Royalty woman, often referred to as a “beauty queen,” likes to feel and look like royalty, all while not breaking the bank. She is unapologetic, sassy and stylish.

 The most recent development for the brand is partnering with Diamond (formerly of Crime Mob), who will serve as the brand ambassador.
 Diamond, Crime Mob, Body of Royalty
Diamond for Body of Royalty
 I won’t yammer on about the company because I got more insight straight from the source–the company CEO’s. Read on for a few key points about the brand.
Company Philosophy
Be Confident. Be Provocative. Be Royalty.

Being Confident: It’s key in anything that you’re doing. Lack of confidence can kill anything that you may ever want to accomplish in life. The funny thing is that we are all born with confidence. People do things to us and say things to us that break us and mess with our confidence that lives inside all of us.

Be Provocative: It’s about connecting with your inner sexy side. It’s about owning your femininity! It’s about connecting to your raw and edgy side. Every woman has this side to them.

Be Royalty: It’s about knowing your self worth. It’s about knowing exactly who you are! What you will and will not stand for. It’s about knowing that you have power and knowing when and how to use that power.

Humble Beginnings

With us we really researched the market. We went into it focusing on the longevity of the brand. We are the youngest CEO’s with a luxury brand in our industry. We are men in the beauty industry and we are minority men in business. So we had to really do our homework to develop this company. We didn’t want to follow trends: trends die! So we created the brands message and went from there. We worked with our chemist to create the perfect products and the perfect formulations.
We went days with out sleeping. We put so much passion into it that there were days that we didn’t speak to each other. It gets really intense when you are creating something great and with so much passion. Jermelle created the name, Body of Royalty and together both of us created the logo. We came up with about 29 logos until we got the perfect one! We wanted something fresh and something that can stay around for 100’s of years! We didn’t want to be replicas of someone else’s company! We made sure that we created a name that no one had ever heard before. We wanted a brand that actually had a message! Joseph created the message: Be Confident, Be Provocative and Be Royalty.

We funded the company ourselves. We are minority men and no banks are saying “Hey black men, here’s $100,000 now go Create greatness!” Nope! We did it ourselves and it makes it that much more rewarding!
We hand picked everything from our team down to the names of our products. We believe that’s why we have had such positive energy and success thus far because we are so hands on. We know what we are selling and can’t nobody sell my dream better than I can sell my dream.

Customer Importance

We want our consumers to understand how hard we work to make sure that they are able to get luxury products at a modest price. We make sure that the quality of the products represent our women! We didn’t wake up and say “This lipstick looks hell of good on me now let me sell it to women.” We woke up and said, “I want to create a quality product for women all around the work and take the time to develop a fresh brand for my consumers.”

Business Intentions for 2014

Our goals for 2014 is to continue to put out great products. We would like by the end of 2014 to have our color line completed. We would also like to release our foundations, it’s been really fun working on that so far. We have partnered with our first celebrity, platinum selling rapper Diamond, and we are focusing on making that super successful for 2014. We are also in talks with some stores overseas. We hope to expanded our brand internationally in the upcoming year. [This year] is just about working and continuing to brand Body of Royalty.

All products are exclusively sold online at

Body of Royalty

I was sent some lipstick to sample, so if you’re interested in that review head over to Grunts and Glam for the details.

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