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Detroit is Attracting Some Really Cool Women [Video]

[ 0 ] March 6, 2014 |

Detroit doesn’t get the best portrayal in the media, and while I’ve never had the personal desire to visit (though that doesn’t mean I’d never visit if given the chance), I can say that everyone that I’ve ever and interacted with from Detroit (hey Mae Day) has been really laid back, friendly and generally very pleasant. That is why I wasn’t surprised when I stumbled upon this video, which features women in various fields and from various backgrounds talking about the sisterhood they’ve developed while living, working and playing in

Detroit. Check it out:

Detroit sounds a lot like what NYC, especially Brooklyn, used to be in terms of the the sense of community and support. I have a lot of feelings about what New York City has become but in short, it feels more like Hollywood and everyone out for themselves or for what you can do for them than it used to.

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