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Blitz the Ambassador’s ‘Running’ Taps Into Afro-Brazilian Spirituality

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Blitz the Ambassador

Blitz the Ambassador has been busy traveling, filming and making music for his Disaporadical Trilogia. The third installment of this series is “Running.” The stunning video was shot in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, and it was directed by Blitz.

His storytelling via sound and imagery is always intentional in paying homage to the African influence across the diaspora. Here, the Yoruba influence is strong!  The video tells the story of how the protection of African spirituality is strong, especially in the face of major obstacles, which is something we’ve known for centuries.

The visuals in this case tell the story of gentrification. A demolition team makes its way to tear down a woman’s home, but she is protected by her Orishas. Previous videos in the series include “JuJu Girl” and “Shine.”


Blitz the Ambassador’s Diasporadical EP is scheduled to drop in March.

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