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*Some words and phrases were not created by me, but I use them frequently.

Anita Man – Phrase for a woman who can’t be single. Ever. She’s a serial monogamist because she measures her self-worth in having a man, therefore hastily jumping into toxic relationships.

Charlie Brown n. Nice guy with a tragicomic essence (gets dissed by women, afraid to commit, etc).

Culprit n. Creepy/sleezy man or woman. It’s that person who leers at you with no shame (or touches you in suspect places under the guise of an “accident”). You wouldn’t put it past them to try to corner you in a dark room or an elevator.

Cutugly (Cuh-tug-lee) n. Cute/Ugly. One who is sometimey in their appearance. Sometimes they look fly, sometimes they look simply aight and sometimes they make you go “WTF?!” There’s never consistency.

Donkey n. Stupid. Just plain dumb. When someone does or says something so dumb (to the point where it’s borderline brain dead) that there’s really no other word to sum up their actions. You dayum donkey!

The Dracula Effect – Phrase for an extremely attractive man. He may or may not be aesthetically fine but there’s just something about him that has women open–that certain je ne sais quoi. (Can be good or bad).

Gangstarr Girl n. Positive woman living by her own rules, pursuing her passion(s); accomplishing goals; becoming the change she wants to see in the world.

Hidymon n. Hideous monster; when ugly just ain’t enough to describe it/him/her.

Pause Flu – When the popular hip-hop phrase “pause,” which implies homosexuality, is used way too much and is so unjustified to the point where it’s just retarded.

Schroeder n. The artsy guy (pianist, poet, writer, etc).

Sorta-kinda Ex n. Someone who was never officially your boyfriend/girlfriend but you still acted like a couple.

SpongeBob n. The condition of having no a$$ (aka n’assatall). Just picture SpongeBob SquarePants and you’ll get it.

The Killer -Phrase for someone who is extremely creepy. You wouldn’t put it past them to have bodies hidden under their floorboards.

Trash-Mobile/Tyrone-Mobile n. Slang for T-mobile, the cellphone company with bootleg service.

Tweetarded – Condition where Twitter severely affects spelling, grammar and in a lot of cases rational thinking (ie. throwing e-tantrums when people don’t “return the follow”).

Twiet Nam – Another name for Twitter.

TDD – Twitter Deficit Disorder. A condition that prohibits you from remembering what you tweeted 20 seconds ago.

n. See sorta-kinda ex (above).

Wreckless Talkery – When people say impossibly dumb and/or nonsensical things.