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Adventures In Pole Dancing Pt. 3: I’m A Superwoman?

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I didn’t know my skin could bruise until I started pole dancing, when I got introduced to pole burn. It’s not a feeling anyone can really empathize with unless they actually go through it but translation: OUCH.

Brava to advanced pole dancers because not only do they have to make their tricks look pretty and keep from falling off the pole too, but they also have to endure pain.
I went to class a few weeks ago, already sore from NY Lean, and working out three times in one day yet still decided that wanted to learn a new trick. It was the Superwoman. I had seen other pole dancers do it and it looked innocent enough. I figured I could do it at my level (basic intermediate).

The Superwoman is what it sounds like. You’re holding onto the pole with your body suspended but facing down (there’s a face up version too) like you’re flying. See:

*Note: This woman did it with ease and not in a way that I’m about to describe because she’s probably advanced or possibly more nimble than I am. Some people are better at different tricks based on their physiology.*

I decided to try it toward the end of that particular class when I was already fatigued. Bad move. Not only is the Superwoman (the face down version) extremely hard to get into it’s also way more advanced than I thought. One of the ways you get into a Superwoman is by doing a basic invert or chopper (my apologies if this sounds like gibberish, I’ll try to link as many vids as I can find) then hook your outside leg onto the pole and get a secure grip with your thigh; then you fold your other leg over your face, bring the hooked leg to the same position as the first folded leg, secure your next grip, which will then allow you to bring your body from under your legs and voila, you’re flying. That’s just one of several ways to get into it. (Might I add, I can do face down without a problem).

I kind of got to step two before my brain panicked scrambled and then the pain shot through my thigh (because thigh holds are the ultimate level of pain) and I slid down and nursed my ego. Mission not accomplished.

Now that I’m wiser from that experience, I realize that I’m not ready to do the Superwoman yet because my basic invert (and chopper too) are too weak so I must continue to work on those until I get secure enough to trust myself to move on. I have to walk because I can fly, right?

One of the main things I’ve learned about pole is that you’re battling your entire body. You have to develop muscles in the appropriate places (especially your core and arms, and then you activate muscles you didn’t even know you had), which takes time. Then you have to trust yourself and force your brain to think straight but also shut off your inner-censure. Your brain is sending several messages at once. It says, “You’re going to fall,” or, “If you fall then it will really will hurt or result in serious injury,” or “Hold on heifer,” or “Do the damn trick…but don’t fall in the process,” so it gets nerve racking and confusing, especially when you’re telling your body to do something that isn’t natural and that defies gravity to the extreme. So, that’s what I’m battling. I’m on Superwoman sabbatical for now.

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