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Women Only Hotel Floors Gaining Popularity, Yoga Mats Included

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Hamilton Crowne Plaza

There’s a new travel trend for female-only floors in hotels, and it’s starting to pick up in popularity.

The Daily Mail reports that hotels in Washington, D.C. Vancover, London and Singapore are embracing the idea due to an increase in the growing number of women traveling solo. The floors setups vary depending on the hotel but they usually offer added security, more privacy and feminine amenities like hair straighteners, sanitary pads, and yoga mats, free of charge.

Let’s point out that yoga mats are unisex but they’re still a nice touch.

The program is getting so successful that some hotels have expanded. The Georgean Court Hotel in Vancouver has added thirty additional rooms to its women only floor. The Naumi Hotel in Singapore provides guests a special key card to access the women’s floor, which they say is a safety enhancement. The Crowne Plaza’s Bloomington location in Minneapolis also has added security features built-in, and The Dukes London hotel ensures that their female only rooms are catered to solely by women, who handle room service and housekeeping duties.

Naumi Hotel Singapore Women Only

Photo Via Naumi Hotel

According to research, women are more influenced by their surroundings and the ways in which hotels can accommodate them is important. The most important elements, according to research, for female travelers are safety, empowerment, and pampering.


  Gina LaBarre, the VP of brand management for Crowne Plaza told USA Today that the rooms are “not about discriminating against men…It’s about how do we enhance the experience of our female business travelers?”

However, Elizabeth Toedt, a retired Navy commander, found the concept to be “somewhat insulting,” says the Daily Mail.

“Women have struggled many years for equal treatment,’ she said, ‘and a “convent type” hotel floor is a step backward.”

I disagree with the notion about it being condescending. I’m no researcher but it’s obvious by the advertisements that we’re beat with daily, that women have more buying power, especially when it comes to travel. The other element to this is, women are more at risk for being attacked when they travel.

From a personal standpoint, I was once followed into my hotel during a girl’s trip to Miami, by a man who probably didn’t have my best interests at heart. You needed a key to get into to the hotel after hours and this man slipped in right behind me, followed me to the elevator area and awkwardly tried to strike up conversation. I’m usually very observant but didn’t think that I’d have to look over my shoulder because the hotel was on South Beach and there was still a lot going on outside (even though the actual hotel was dead). He was visibly drunk and gave my that gut feeling. I wouldn’t have gotten on the elevator with him but luckily, the hotel’s security guard noticed and escorted him right out.

I think it’s a good idea, especially for female travelers who are alone but also for female travelers who might want to just have a true girl’s trip (hello, bachelorette parties!). I’d gladly check these out if the opportunity arises.

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