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Photos: Lil’ Kim Before She Was Barbie

[ 10 ] February 2, 2010 |

It made my day to stumble upon vintage flicks of the Queen Bee.

I liked Lil’ Kim a lot when she first came out (even though I had to sneak to listen to her music back then) but now I can’t relate to her new image. She looks like Latoya Jackson with a blond wig on. I never got the excess-plastic-surgery-wannabe-Barbie-PlayBoy-Bunny obsession that a lot of Black girls have–OK, I get it but that’s another blog…a long one. I miss the Brooklyn girl that I used to know. Body dismorphic syndrome is a beast but I digress. Let’s reminisce about the good ol’ days…

Wanna rumble wit tha bee huh? Bzzz!

These pictures were taken by Mo Daoud.
Spotted at Necole Bitchie.

Here’s a bonus:

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  1. Justine says:

    So true! Lil’ Kim was the ish-then it seems after she got that boob job she went crazy! Nicki Minaj isn’t helping the situation either with her plastic-ity (guess that’s why she loves Barbie so much??) I do like Nicki, but I prefer realness to synthetics.

  2. I think we all miss the old Kim. I just want to grab her, hug her, and tell her that it’s okay to love herself. Her and a number of other celebrities need to go on celebrity rehab for plastic surgery. They also need self esteem coaches. When I look at celebrities like Kim I feel really bad.

  3. BIG D O says:

    Kim was never that technically great of an MC and helped start a horrible trend in Hip-Hop (the raunchy female rapper)..all that said, when she would go in just on the hardcore tip she had enough rhyming ability to hold her own…
    never understood why she went so overboard with the ho quotes and plastic surgery, if she would’ve buckled down and perfected her craft she might’ve been able to one day give MC Lyte and Latifah a run for their money as the best femcee ever…instead she ran with a corny gimmick and sucumb to Hollyweird standards of beauty…Another Black Girl Lost? I think so…

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