Video: Lola Monroe - "Men Lie Women Lie" Freestyle - GangStarr Girl : GangStarr Girl

Video: Lola Monroe – “Men Lie Women Lie” Freestyle

[ 2 ] September 16, 2010 |

This is off of her up coming mixtape, Bo$$ Bitch’s World II Batteries Not Included.

She gets a lot of hate but this woman is on her grind! I recently talked about this with my boy Malik 16. We think one of the reasons why so many female rappers who are on the indie scene are underexposed is because they aren’t maximizing the internet for branding. When I comb through my inbox, I rarely get stuff from lady lyricists despite the fact that my blog is clearly a space where women can get love. And when I check out World Star Hip-Hop, the videos that get featured are mostly from women who can’t be taken seriously because they’re wearing neon fishnet spandex and a see-through midriff top.

However, Lola is using the web to her advantage. She networks with the right people and she’s especially not afraid to work with other women (that’s very important now), she shows love to her fans on her website by posting YouTube videos of admirers who perform her songs, she maintains an updated website (also very important), and she has a solid team behind her. Plus, she studies her craft. Not only does she jump on the hottest beats at the moment (which is important, even for the anti mainstream folks) but if you look at some of her earlier videos and compare them to where she is now you can see that she has gotten better. Her flow is more cohesive.  She’s also on her 4th mixtape!

Just my two cents…

I’m definitely not knocking other hard working sisters who are nice on the mic. If you’re on your grind too then you already know what it is.


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  1. Nickie Dee says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I totally agree with female emcees not taking advantage of branding themselves online. And it is free (or small fee depending on if they are running a site). They can easily find a target audience that appeals to them and develop a loyal following.

  2. La'Tisha says:

    wow her 4th mixtape. am I the only one who didn’t even know that she released ANY mixtapes???

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