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10 Nail Art-Themed Instagrams to Follow For Inspiration

[ 2 ] January 6, 2014 |

Nail Aritsts on Instagram

I pitched this list to Vibe Vixen early last summer and it was never post. Actually, it was posted but written by someone else and with different nail artists on the list after I got my version approved. That lead to this mega rant about the wackness of my industry but also to a shift in how I approach writing.

Instead of letting my work go to waste, I’m going to start sharing more of it in my space. People who are familiar with me know that I have loved nail polish and nail art before it was a thing. Instagram just made it easier for me to find the nail art lurkables, so here is a list of some of my favorite nail style fashionistas for lurking and inspirational pleasure, just in time for #ManicureMonday.

1. Spifster

Spifster Nails

Image Via Spifster’s Instagram

Tacarra “Spifster” Sutton is a Chicago-based nail artist who sometimes makes her way to various East Coast cities to bless stylish ladies with avant-garde finger fashion. Spifster’s styles are funky and colorful, from Tokidoki-inspired multi-character splashes to beads and chains enough to make Lady Gaga get googly-eyed.

Spifster on Instagram.

2. Naomi Nails NYC

Image Via Naomi Yasuda's Instragram

Image Via Naomi Yasuda’s Instragram

Nomi Yasuda has adorned the nails of the likes of Alicia Keys, Elle Varner, Lady Gaga, Estelle and more but she’s humble enough to extend her services to all fly girls. The Japan-born nail artist honed her skills as a student at Chunichi Beauty College in Nagoya. However, today the Brooklyn-based nail tech tricks out nails from print to TV to bad gyals all around the world. According to her bio, “no nail design is too extreme.”

Naomi Yasuda on Instagram.
3. Hey Nice Nails

Hey Nice Nails Instagram

Via Hey Nice Nails’ Instagram

This sister duo has been obsessed with nail art since childhood, so it’s only right they eventually opened up their own salon called “Hey Nice Nails,” in Long Beach, Ca., and they also just released a do-it-yourself nail art book of the same title.

Hey Nice Nails on Instagram.
4. MP Nails

MP Nails

Via MP Nails’ Instagram

Madeline Poole has contributed to editorial for brands like Interview and ASOS, designs nail wraps and records tutorial videos on Vimeo. She splits her time between New York and LA, so catch her if you can or lurk her Instagram in the meantime.

Madeline Poole on Instagram.
5. Astro Wifey

Astro Wifey Nails

Via Astro Wifey’s Instagram

This Chicago-based nail art maven likes it colorful and funky. Catch her out and about painting nails at trendy events or book her for a private appointment.

Astro Wifey on Instagram.


6. Wah Nails

Wah Nails

Via Wah Nails’ Instagram

Wah Nails is a London-based salon and brand headed up by celebrity stylist Sharmadean Reid. From do-it-yourself books to TopShop pop up stalls, Wah Nails has been on the forefront of the nail art boom since 2009.

Wah Nails on Instagram.


7. Valley NYC

Valley Nails NYC

Via Valley’s Instagram

Valley NYC is one of my favorite places to go in NYC for nail services. They offer Calgel, Minx and prescriptive nail services but Betsey Johnson is a fan of their stand out nail color and designs. Enough said.

Valley NYC on Instragram.


8. Nails By Regina

Nails By Regina

Via Nails By Regina’s Instagram

Regina Rodriguez splits her time between Virginia and New York City but she constantly updates her social media platforms with drool worthy designs. Bling especially seems to be her thing.

Nails By Regina on Instagram.


9. Chalkboard Nails

Chalkboard Nails

Via Chalkboard Nails’ Instagram

The woman behind Chalkboard Nails isn’t a professional nail artist in title but she’s still that good, and she shares the love. Her designs range from complex to simple as she guides her readers with tips and tricks for sprucing up nails at home.

Chalkboard Nails on Instagram.


10. Nail Gurl NYC

Nail Gurl NYC

Via Nail Gurl NYC’s Instagram

Nail Gurl NYC is an editorial and conceptual artist. Her nail art game is serious, from graffiti to Murakami-style designs, but every now and then she posts graphic tutorials for nail art fans that aren’t as skilled with the brush.

Nail Gurl NYC on Instagram.

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