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Idris Elba Wasn’t Really Talking About His Actual Penis But…

[ 0 ] January 5, 2014 |

Idris Elba Dick #IdrisElbasDickProbablyFeelLike

Idris Elba likes to get cheeky on Twitter, especially when it comes to playing with women’s (and some men too) emotions. Last night he started some drama with a tweet and a photo (above) and I’m willing to bet that his mentions are all in shambles.

I got wind of it when my friend Steph posted the photo in question (you’ll see it in full when you scroll down) along with his caption that read, “My bow makes my dick hard every time I smile, is that normal?”

Because we all have crushes on him and aren’t familiar with the bow and d–ck reference, we all went ham. I attempted to start this hashtag: #ShowMeWhatThatBowtieDo based on Facebook shenanigans traded back and forth with Steph (she created the hashtag and I threatened and followed through with tweeting it at Idris). Eventually, my Twitter buddy @CaseyRain tweeted me some clarification about the innuendo but keep scrolling for it.

In case you don’t feel like following the clarification link, here’s the deal: “Dicky bow” is vulgar slang for shirt and bow.

But, it’s too late, where my intended hashtag failed, #IdrisElbasDickProbablyFeelsLike began raging. I didn’t participate in that one but I did lurk. It’s still going as I type this and women are posting absolutely sordid and hilarious tweets.

#HiMom. #SorryAnslem.

Nice visuals for the imagination, though. Thanks Driis.

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